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News Bulletin Jan 2022


It is still our intention to go swmming. Our proposed swimming date was for 6 weeks from February 28th. In the present climate our long-standing and tested swimming procedures are not viable. Therefore, it is proposed that each class will go swimming for a standalone 3-week block. The cost of this will be finalised in the coming days. 2 classrooms will go for the 1st 3 weeks in 2 separate time slots and the other 2 will go for the 2nd 3 week block of the 6 weeks. The time slots are from 11-12 and 12-1 pm


RK Sports have been coming to the school for many years and have provided exceptional PE content for the children which is accurately reflecting the PE curriculum objectives. Because RK has proved so popular he has been booked by a number of schools to give the full year in those schools. He had one day left and if we didn’t book them we were likely to lose out altogether. At the request of the board, staff and some parents we have asked RK Sports if they would deliver the PE for us for the full year and they have agreed. In addition, children from 1st-6th will also receive music instruction for the full year (minus Mondays for Bank Holidays and swimming) which will be included in the €3 per child per day RK Sports charges normally.

We feel this is a brilliant opportunity, however we also know it will lead to an extra cost for families ( new cost circa €90 per child per year) so we will be  setting it up as a recurring €22.50 per child cost on the website which can be paid throughout the term at any time. We can also make arrangement should people wish to pay for a child in full at the one time.  The only other activity costs we forsee being incurred during the year are school tours, swimming and what was once our annual trip to the panto in UL which we hope to visit again. We also would include dance as an activity but it is not feasible at this time to do it due to the hall being an SET classroom. If this returns in the future then it could also result in a further equivalent 6-8 week reduction in the PE cost as it would probably be in place of and not as well as. Please note that RK Sports are due back to us in May this year and that 6 week block will be charged as normal.


School Uniform.

We have reviewed our current procedures around uniform procurement and have recognised that despite our best efforts, issues have remained. Our uniform provider going forward will be Talbots in Nenagh. The uniform will be the same as it is currently, and price will be cheaper than current prices for the same product coming from the same jumper manufacture. Talbots will be able to provide jumpers with some lead time during the school year but the summer ordering process will involve calling into Talbots on Mitchell street for fitting/ordering. We will put out order dates at some stage closer to the end of the school year.


Online Safety/ Social Media Posters.

A lot of children may have received technology for Christmas. Every 2nd year we host an online safety information evening for parent and a safety day for children in the school. Because this is not possible at the moment, we have set up an online safety page on our website with links to many of the apps/games/platform’s children use at the moment across phones and computers. These information posters are designed to give parents as much information as they need to understand what the dangers are and safely monitor children’s interaction with such platforms. They are also a good starting point for anybody who is considering allowing their children develop an online presence through phones/ipads etc. The posters can be accessed here https://templederryns.ie/downloads/online-safety/ with a printer/reader friendly version of the posters here https://templederryns.ie/downloads/ These are designed to inform and encourage vigilance as opposed to frighten or cause undue stress.


Tractor Run Photos

Odhran Ducie took a number of great photos of tractors en-route and they can be found here https://www.facebook.com/117940522087624/posts/1192555764626089/?sfnsn=mo



Maternity Leave

We wish Miss Glendon all the very best on her maternity leave and welcome Mr Andy O Rourke and Mr Seamus Tynan who will be covering the duration of the leave. Mr. O Rourke will be with us until February 21st at which point Mr Tynan will continue until the summer break.


Anti-Bullying Policy

At a recent Board meeting a new Anti-Bullying Policy was formally adopted which complies with the requirements of the “Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools” . This is available to view on the ‘Policies’ section of the school website.