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School Ethos

In Templederry N.S. we aim to provide balance and excellence in education. Every effort is made to ensure children will have a successful, happy school experience. We achieve this by creating a warm, friendly, co – operative atmosphere in our school. We develop good personal relationships and mutual respect and trust are cornerstones of our school ethos. All pupils are cherished equally in a caring, secure, attractive, safe school environment.

Our school is a Catholic school, seeking to promote good values and morals and opportunities for prayer. Enrolment is non selective. Children from other religious denominations and children with special needs are welcome. Special provision is made for the weak and disadvantaged. Equality, justice and gender-equity pervade the school. We foster an awareness of those less fortunate by involving the children in missionary fund-raising activities.

While striving to provide the highest quality of teaching / learning possible –  our vision of education is broader and is one that caters for the many dimensions of life. Our aspiration is to develop the full potential of each individual – academic, spiritual, social, physical, cultural, moral, emotional and aesthetic. We acknowledge the importance of developing each child’s self esteem and confidence.

We create a positive attitude towards and an appreciation of our Irish culture, traditions and heritage. We link closely with the local community. We endeavour to foster and maintain the tradition of interest and love of hurling / sport that exists in this parish.

We value and welcome the contributions made by all the “partners in education” .