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July Summer School Provision

I hope everybody is enjoying the 1st week o fthe holidays, You may have heard that the Dept of Education have authorised an expanded July provision programme to help support  children with complex educational needs, those at risk of educational disadvantage  and as a Covid-19 response measure for those who attend Learning Support and lost out due to the lockdowns. We have sought and received approval to run a 2 week Summer SCHOOL BASED programme in our school. Having just today secured the services of an outside, suitably qualified teacher to help deliver the programme, we are delighted to open it at this stage to expressions of interest. The programme will run from Mon July 13th – to Friday July 23rd .

The aim of the programme is to support pupils in re-engaging with education, building their confidence and motivation and help ensure they can progress educationally along with their peers in September.

As per department guidelines a minimum of 6 children must register in order fo us to be able to deliver the programme for the 2 weeks and a minimum of 50% must be reserved for children with complex educational needs (if applicable). The main areas focused on withing the camp will be literacy and numeracy and as such formal lessons will be prepared and delivered, however there will be a blended learning approach and other areas such as PE and Visual Arts will be used as supporting delivery methodologies.  If you are interested in learning more or registering conrete interest in the programme please do so by emailing tderryns@gmail.com by Friday June 25th. In the meantime please find attached some supporting documentation on the programme.

Apologies for only being able to bring this to you now but we needed to ensure we got sanction from DES and had teacher availability before offering the programme. In the event of over-subscription the Dept criteria will be used or we can look at getting a 2nd class for the 2 weeks.