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Michael Power- In appreciation of our retiring caretaker.

The Caretaker


Takes care of the windows

and care of the floors

care of the car park

and care of the doors


Care of the dustbins

and care of the walls

care of the playground

and care of the halls


Care of the fixtures

and fittings and locks

care of the toilets

and care of the clocks


Care of the building

with never a fuss

and care of the school

that takes care of us.


Michael Power has been caretaker, colleague and friend at Templederry NS since ’99/2000 and he retires this year after an un-wavering 22  years service to our school. It is fair to say that his caring hands have caressed, contoured, moulded, cleaned, sprayed, painted and patiently moulded our school grounds and buildings into the educational setting which we are so proud of today.

No job was ever too big, too small, too dirty or too taxing for Michael. Underlying everything Michael did was an innate loyalty to the school and a determination for the children most importantly, but the whole school community to have a school where everybody was safe and one we could all be proud to show off to the Templederry surrounds and beyond.

With the advent of social media Michaels work received deserved notoriety  across many platforms with emails being sent to the school regularly praising us for our lovely grounds, when in fact the responsibility laid squarely with one man. We will never be able to quantify the full body of Michaels work in the school. Much of it was completed in stealth in the evening times, over the weekends and during holidays but always felt nonetheless.

He brought vibrancy to our rooms, colour to our gardens and a sheen to our yards. Michael together with Mrs Farrell and the Green Schools Committee ensured 4 Green flags during his time here and indeed this year it is fitting that e have just received notice of a 5th Green flag for Biodiversity thanks in no small part to Michaels vision, commitment and ensuring our little friends the birds are fed throughout every winter.

Many the ‘trivial’ emergency Michael responded to with trademark gusto and levelheadedness.

We are forever in debt to Michael for all he has given us. If you so wish to give a voluntary and anonymous donation on behalf of the children so we can purchase something for Michael on their and your behalf which we will present to him at a special mass on Monday June 13th at 10am. You can send this into the school with your child in an envelope and we will look after it from there.

Words really don’t do Michael justice but a genuine and sincere thank you to you, Michael. 2 generations of families and friends felt the warmth of your heart, the poise of your presence and the assuredness of your hand and we will never forget you. You are forever welcome for the tea at break-time, the staff gatherings and the chats.


You see, he is a gardener,

who has great plans,

but works with what he has got.

He loves creation, sees beauty

and wants to share it with you.


(The Gardener- Stephen James Smith)