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School Learning Provision Jan 11th-31st

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As already highlighted we are to resume online teaching and learning from next week as directed by the government. The school is prepared for this and has the necessary plans in place. To this end I want to thank all the staff who have worked so hard to adapt the new learning platform and for getting everything ready with plans and books for our children over the last few days.

While we acknowledge the different circumstances in each household of the school community, your childs engagement with online learning is essential and expected. While the teachers will be providing the content it is the parents respnsibility as their childrens primary educators to ensure they engage with it. If there are any barriers to your childs engagement with online learning, it is important to let the teacher know so we can find a solution to ensure your childs education can continue.

  1. Textbooks can be collceted from the school on Monday between 10-12 and 4-6pm. We are asking parents to take home each childs storage box if not done so previously as this will also facilitate the return of materials.
  2. Please observe social distancing and responsible practice in relation to hygiene when collecting the books. As such, we are asking that minimum numbers enter the school and a max of 2 if collecting 2 or more boxes. Please don’t delay on the school grounds and avoid congregations on arrival and departure. Children are not to enter the grounds.
  3. As mentioned yesterday it is not our intention to provide large amounts of work, however, as directed there will be some work daily, primarily in the curriculum areas of English, Irish and Maths. It will be tailred to make engagement as easy as possible for everybody.
  4. Ipads going home to families with 3 or more children in the school will be placed in the box of the oldest child in the school. Unfortunately we cannot send home chargers wit these but iphone chargers will work.
  5. Ordinarily work will be put up at night for the following day by the teacher and parents are asked as much as is possible to submit work on the day it is meant for.
  6. We know that this may not be always possible and all we are asking for is for families to do what is possible and genuine delays can be overcome.
  7. There may be some teething problems over the first few days. Please bare with us.
  8. One of the most important activities you can encourage your children to do and do with your child will be reading as much and as often as possible.
  9. We ask that when children are submitting work to their teacher on see-saw that parents sign it i.e. if its from a copy sign the copy before taking the picture and submitting on See-Saw.

Finally it is not ideal to have to engage on online teaching and learning but the levels of engagement with See-Saw on our trial runs pre-Chrismas were excellent and I’m sure this will be the same. Thank you for your support and stay safe.