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Photocopying, Art, Communications and Insurance

Dear parent,

We hope that you and your family are enjoying the summer holidays.  The following letter and information was sent from home from school on June 21st however we understand how hectic things are at that time of year and understand it may not have reached its intended destination so we are now posting to the website and the school app.

This year the government are paying for all books and copy books for each child in our school. Please note that the items remain the property of the school so we would ask you to take due care of all items and to cover in due course.

€40 per child will be due to cover the following school costs

School Insurance

Art & Craft materials

Photocopying and communications

Payment can be made on the payments section of the school website. You make payments in instalments. If for financial reasons you are unable to make the payment, please contact the school on 0860689684 in the strictest confidence.

Looking forward to seeing you all on August 30th. In the meantime, have a happy and safe summer.

Stationery Requirements by class for 2023-24 school year
(Items not covered by School book grant)
Please ensure that all stationery and belongings are clearly labelled
Junior & Senior Infants
2 junior triangular grip pencilsPencil sharpener and eraserSet of twistables or colouring pencils1 glue stick1 child friendly scissors1 zip lock homework folder2 plastic (button close) folders
1st and 2nd class
2 * A4 plastic display foldersSet of colours (twistables or colouring pencils) Child friendly scissors Pritt/Glue Stick Red pen Pencils Ruler Pencil sharpener and eraser1 zip lock homework folder Art folder
3rd & 4th class
English Dictionary, Irish/English DictionaryMusic folder and tinwhistle from last year 2x Prit Stick and 1x small roll of sellotapeDisplay folder, 1x paper folder, 3x zip folder/plastic button folderRed pens, a good supply of HB pencils, black sharpie marker, rubber, long 30cm ruler, topper, mathematical set, colouring pencils/twistables/markersCalculator (4th class only)
5th & 6th class
English dictionary, Irish/English dictionary1 * small cello tape2 * A4 plastic display folders1 * mathematical set and calculator1 set of colours; twistables or colouring pencils (not markers)Selection of red; black/blue pens and writing pencils; pencil sharpener and eraser1 * 12” (32cm ruler) ruler (not small ones)Please note tip-ex is not required in school.