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Fr John Kenyon


Father John Kenyon was one of the most outspoken Catholic priests of nineteenth century Ireland. He was recognised nationally for his views on controversial issues such as the practice of physical force, and slavery, as well as the contribution of O’Connell to Irish life. Perhaps his greatest contribution was his valiant efforts to relieve distress during the Great Famine, his constant concern for the sick and dying of his parish and his deep appreciation of the beauties of nature in his beloved Templederry. His name will be forever etched in the immortal words of:

‘Templederry My Home’.
For a complete review see Boland, T. (2011) “Father John Kenyon: The Rebel Priest”.

Templederry My Home

right home of my childhood there’s no place like thee,

Thy mountain, thy wild woods, thy vale and thy lea.

No matter wherever I’m bound for to roam,

I will never forger you Templederry my home.

Where the cascades roll down the dark mountains between,

And the moonlight sleeps calm on the breast of Cooneen.

Where the bright river sparkles their feathery foam,

And the shamrock decked vale on Templederry my home.

Your beautiful new church towers high in the air,

And the Angelus bells call the faithful to prayer,

How sweet is the sound of its high ringing tone,

Seems to say: Heaven bless you Templederry my home.

But there is one spot thats far dearer than all.

Enclosed in your beautiful new chapel wall,

Where often I silently wept as I prayed

O’er the grave where the immortal John Kenyon is laid.

For he had the spirit to dare and to do,

The star of our priesthood, the noble and true,

How proudly he’d die to give Erin her own

On thy the green mountain side – Templederry my home.

But let us hope on ‘till sweet liberty smiles,

And radiantly beams o’er our Emerald Isle,

When the common black slab from his grave shall be thrown,

And a monument raised in ‘Templederry my home’.

Templederry NS is set in a picturesque rural area nestled between the towns of Nenagh and Thurles. Templederry National School is a mixed school with children ranging in age from 4 years – 13  years. (Junior  Infants  –  6th class). At present we have 65 families attending our school. We currently have 100 children on roll in the school. There are four mainstream  teachers in the school. It has one Special Ed. teacher and it is the base school for a second shared position.
  • Four full time teachers
  • 1 full SNA Posts.
  • One full Special Ed. post and the base school for a second post ( shared)

The school was originally built in 1962–63 as a two teacher school.This was extended in 1974 to accommodate pupils coming to Templederry N.S. because   of the closures of Gortnagoona N.S., Latteragh  N.S. and Curreeney N.S. While the school serves the immediate area of Templederry – many of our   children travel to school by bus & car from quite a large catchment area.The school grounds are very spacious and are tastefully landscaped. We have three “playing field” areas at the rear of the school, and a fabulous brand new 2000 metres squared astro turf.  Every effort is made to keep the school litter free whereby children are encouraged to recycle.The school has won the Tidy Schools Competition organised by Tipperary N.R. County Council.

The children are  taught to respect school property,shrubs, trees etc. In 2011, Templederry N.S. formally entered the Green School Competition and was awarded the first Green  Flag in 2012.The second Green Flag was received in May 2014 and in June 2016 with great pride and pleasure, the school’s third Green Flag was officially raised. The school again, won a prize in the Tidy Schools Competition 2016.All the “partners in education” work well together to make the learning environment for our children attractive, stimulating and safe. We hope you enjoy viewing our website as we endeavour to bring you the most up-to-date news from our school




Contact details                                                        

Templederry NS  Templederry, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, (E45 C853)   

(S N Teampall Doire)  Tel: (0504) 52308 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Twitter @templederryns             





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